A few guys, trying to slowww down.

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Hi, we’re the utopian idiots.

Like all utopians, we think the world could be (a lot) better than it is. And like all idiots, we’re going to tell you exactly what we think is wrong with it.

But the big difference between us and other utopians is that if asked what we think is most wrong with the world, we’d probably all respond the same way the English writer G.K. Chesterton once did: “I am.”

One thing we think is especially wrong with ourselves, is how distracted we are so much of the time. Harried. Disconnected. Pavlovian dogs at the mercy of the next stimulus promising a dopamine hit.

We started this website to document and share our efforts at slowing down, and being truly present to the amazing people and things in our lives. Our motto is “things should take a long time” (read more about our motto here).

Latest from the Blog

pond hockey

Winter Games

My father didn’t like winter.  Frozen pipes in the barn initiated a tedious process of thawing copper pipes with a blow torch where heating cables had let go their tight grip, seemingly on their own. We chipped away at water bowls, now filled with ice, with crowbars and hauled hot water from the house to thaw […]

Thoughts on Wendell Berry’s ‘The World-Ending Fire’

My first thought is about Berry’s language. Every sentence weighs heavily in the mind, as gold weighs heavy in the hand. How does he combine ordinary words into such weighty thoughts? It is a gift of his. Reading him invites me to slow down and ponder each sentence carefully, weighing it up, letting it sink […]

Chickens are people too

One of my earliest memories is the realization that chickens are people, too. When I was still small, my dad set up a chicken coop in our backyard, built a pen, and headed off to various livestock auctions and hatcheries to start building our flock. We had wispy white silkies, crown-crested Polish chickens, foot-feathered Cochins, […]

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