A few guys, trying to slowww down.

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Hi, we’re the utopian idiots.

Like all utopians, we think the world could be (a lot) better than it is. And like all idiots, we’re going to tell you exactly what we think is wrong with it.

But the big difference between us and other utopians is that if asked what we think is most wrong with the world, we’d probably all respond the same way the English writer G.K. Chesterton once did: “I am.”

One thing we think is especially wrong with ourselves, is how distracted we are so much of the time. Harried. Disconnected. Pavlovian dogs at the mercy of the next stimulus promising a dopamine hit.

We started this website to document and share our efforts at slowing down, and being truly present to the amazing people and things in our lives. Our motto is “things should take a long time” (read more about our motto here).

Latest from the Blog

A Storm Song

The hurricane howls outside.     In by the fire it’s warm.The house creaks side to side     to the pulsing of the storm.By candle we sip our stew      while shingles flap and tear.The power is out since two—     yet still, no […]

The weird (but true) economics behind my $24,900 sweater

Note: The photo above isn’t actually a photo of me. But this is a dude who clearly knows a quality sweater when he sees one, and feels about it the way I feel about mine…or will feel, when it exists. […]

Casey Neistat Nike do more

No, Casey Neistat, don’t ‘do more’

“Don’t just do something, stand there!” This amusing inversion of every exasperated parent’s command to a child staring dazedly at  ____ [a heap of still-unfolded laundry, a half-erected tent about to collapse, a bleeding sibling] has been variously attributed to […]

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