A Storm Song

The hurricane howls outside.
    In by the fire it’s warm.
The house creaks side to side
     to the pulsing of the storm.
By candle we sip our stew
      while shingles flap and tear.
The power is out since two—
     yet still, no need to fear.
The storm she blows in the dark.
     The morning sees her calm;
The trees are bare and stark,
     or cracked and dead at dawn.
But we will rise from sleep
     like bodies from the dead,
A ripe new air we’ll reap
     like a harvest of living bread.
No need to fear the blast,
     No need to fear the night;
Her word is not the last,
     Nor hers the greater might.
A home against the wind,
    A fire against the night,
Is all we need, my Friend,
     to set the storm aright.

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