Why you should write poetry (even if it sucks)

G.K. Chesterton once wrote of his friend Bernard Shaw, the playwright, that he was possibly “the only man on earth who has never written any poetry.” This quip strikes us, living in an age where scarcely anyone reads poetry, let […]

‘The Imitation of Christ’ on fake news and social media

The Imitation of Christ is, by some accounts, the second most popular book in history, next to the Bible. This slim volume, written by Thomas à Kempis, an obscure medieval monk, is packed with timeless wisdom. My own favourite version […]


How to be a lousy dad: a true story

Ten thousand times a day we are presented with choices for what to do. And nine times out of ten, we choose wrongly. This is hardly surprising, for, as Aristotle once sagely said, there are an infinite number of ways […]

Shakespeare and Company

Don’t let the secondhand bookstores die

I was perched on top of a stepladder scanning the top shelf of a tall bookcase when I hit the jackpot: an old leather-bound edition of Gladstone’s memoirs. Heading north on a road trip, my friend and I had stopped […]

Distraction – a sonnet

    Editor’s Note: In keeping with the theme of this week’s essay – found here – we’re publishing this sonnet that I wrote a number of years ago. Oddly, the form I followed is a combination of the Petrarchan […]


Walking in Heidi’s footsteps

I thought, as I carried Charlotte on my shoulders down the darkening path and she rested her cheek on my head and heaved a contented sigh, that this was all going to be over too soon.

A man’s place is in the home

But time and again Odysseus turned his face toward the radiant sun, anxious for it to set, yearning now to be gone and home once more … As a man aches for his evening meal when all day long his […]


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